Happy Friday + Nine Months With Aubryn

At church this past weekend, someone asked how old Aubryn was and I was honestly a little surprised when I had to answer back that she had just turned nine months the day before. Three quarters of a year gone already? And in just three short months she'll be a year old? No more responding to age inquiries with months and I'm sure there will be lots of walking happening by then. Part of me feels like I blinked while I was in the hospital with her and now we're here; the past nine months have gone by so fast.

And, man, have they been full of a lot of learning! I wanted to share nine things I've learned during my nine months as a mother.

1. Every child is different. They all grow and develop according to their own schedule. Don't beat yourself up comparing your baby's development to another's or think that you're a bad mother because your babe isn't crawling when those Bump emails say they should be.

2. Those Bump emails are handy to have around, though. They're not doctrine, but it's nice to get a heads up on developmental milestones your child is approaching and read the helpful bits of advice shared. Just don't stress over them.

3. Don't assume it's a baby boy because they have short hair. Aubryn gets called a "he" about once a day. Even when she's wearing pink and tights with flowers on them. Even when she's in a dress. And occasionally when she's wearing a headband. When in doubt, ask.

4. Always bring the diaper bag with you. Even when you're 97% sure you won't need it.

5. Sleeping through the night doesn't always last. The first time Aubryn slept through the night, I wanted to sing. And when we saw that it was more than just a one time deal, we were in heaven. Then she started crawling, standing, and it stopped. That ten to twelve hour stretch is so glorious while it lasts, but remember that it might not. When big milestones start popping up, babes just get too excited and want to practice 24-7, which can be a problem when they're trying to sleep and their body is trying to practice.

6. Every day isn't perfect. Some days are just about perfect. Preceded by a full night of sleep, full of laughter and great naps. And other days are a little on the cranky side. We both have our good days and our bad days and that's totally fine.

7. Huggies diapers are better for shorter babes and Pampers for long and lean babes. Just a practical tidbit we've learned over the past nine months.

8. A simple routine will save your and your baby's life. Our days are so much better when there is some sort of structure. Naps, meals, and outings at specific times. A set bedtime preceded by her bedtime routine. You both need it and the whole family will be much happier for it.

9. Take a little bit of time for yourself every day. Even if it's just five minutes. Even if all you do is shave your legs.

We sure love this little girl. It's been so fun welcoming her into our little family, watching her and her big personality grow and change over the past nine months. We have loved getting to know her, learning how to be parents, and expanding our little family of two to a family of three. I can't wait to see what lessons the next nine months have in store for us.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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