An App That Will Make Parents' Lives Easier

One of the hardest things about moving to a new city and state is losing your trusted support group of friends and family. People you could call when you needed to borrow a bit of sugar, neighbors who looked out for you, and friends who you trusted to watch your children for an hour or two.

Thankfully, we have moved close to grandparents who are more than willing to watch Aubryn so that we can have a date night every now and then, but I wonder what I would do if I were new to an area and knew no one.

We have talked about Sittercity before, but more and more I am reminded of what an amazing tool it is for parents! Their main goal is to help you find experienced babysitters and nannies in your area. Search profiles of local babysitters, look through their references and reviews from parents who have hired them. They make a process that can be scary and intimidating safe, simple and totally helpful.

Here are a few reasons why we love them:

Sittercity recently launched an iPhone app, Sitterati, making life that much easier for parents. With the app, you can keep all your favorite sitters organized in one place, create a job and send it to all of your favorites at once, book a sitter directly from the app, and pay them through the app, rather than stopping by the ATM to get cash on your way home.

With this new app, parents can upload their credit cards to make paying their sitters easier, post sitting jobs, and get confirmation when the first sitter responds to a job. They can even text sitters they already know and love and invite them to join Sittercity. 

Once your sitters have joined, they can accept your invitations for different jobs through the apps, accept your payments, and see all of the jobs from parents they know in one easy location. It also makes it easier for them to see all of the jobs they are booked for in one location and helps them to stay organized.

Sounds pretty perfect, right?! Even if you don't want to use the Sitterati app to find new sitters in your area, it can be an amazing tool to help you and your current sitters stay organized and make all of your lives a bit easier.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
photo via Sittercity

America's Top Sitter

Have you heard of Sittercity? Their main goal is to help you find experienced babysitters and nannies in your neck of the woods. They provide you with profiles, background checks, references and even reviews on the different sitters and nannies to make the process safe, simple and totally helpful.

Something like this is so helpful, especially if you're like us and have just moved to a new area! When you don't know anyone, it can be hard to a babysitter, let alone find someone you would trust to take care of your children for the night. Thank goodness for technology!

Right now Sittercity is holding a contest to determine the best sitter in America. Sitters have been nominated by fans and readers who have shared why their sitter is fit to hold the title of Sittercity's 2013 America's Top Sitter. The top ten finalists have been chosen by a panel of experts and the final winner will receive $5,000. All of the voting is going on here, through Facebook and today is the last day to vote! Head on over to see all of the finalists and read their descriptions and make sure to share some voting love because these ladies deserve it.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Guys! I have had so much fun sharing these little looks and interviews with you over the past few weeks. And while I don't pretend to be half as knowledgeable as those stylish mommas, I wanted to pop in and share some of my favorite looks of Aubryn's and a few great pieces from ThredUp

How would you describe Aubryn's personal style and how does her style reflect his personality? 
Aubryn has a really bright and fun personality so we try to stick with colors that reflect that! Coral and turquoise are the favorites around here. Her go to outfits are a pair of skinny jeans and a tunic and my favorite places to shop for her are Gap, Old Navy and H&M, and thrift stores! We try 

What is Aubryn's go-to outfit?
Leggings or a pair of skinny jeans and a tunic. 

Where is your favorite place to shop for her? 
I can always find something great at Gap, Old Navy and H&M. And thrift stores/consignment shops.

And what is your philosophy when buying pieces for her?
We try to stick with neutral pieces for the basics and choose pieces that will for longer than six months! That's why we love tunics and leggings. Tunics can be worn as dresses when they're a little big and as normal shirts until they get too short. The same with leggings! You can scrunch them up a bit when they're too long and wear them as capris when they're on the small side. Aubryn has been wearing some of the pieces in her closet for a good 9 months and they're still going strong. 

What would you say are the three must have pieces for little girls?
Stripes (but is that really a surprise?!), tunics, skinny jeans/leggings, and a good pair of rain boots. 

What pieces are you always willing to splurge on?
Shoes and good jeans. We have had the worst luck with both of those and have learned that it's worth it to spend a bit more on the good stuff. 

And what fashion tips you would give to mother with girls?
Always buy a size (or two!) up! And don't be afraid to shop in the boy's section. Learn what colors, styles and cuts look best on them and dress them accordingly. Shop for them like you'd shop for yourself! 

Here are the links to the items featured above!
tunic / striped top / dress / jumper / floral jeans

ThredUp is giving away a $50 worth of clothes to one lucky reader! Here's what you'll need to do:
Head on over to Pinterest and create a board called "TPOC + ThredUp Little's Style Giveaway." Pin your favorite look from this little's style series (you can see all of the posts here!) and 10 of your favorite items from ThredUp. Then come back here and leave a link to your pin board. That's it! The giveaway will end next Friday, March 22 at midnight.

Good luck, everyone!

This month's Little Style Series posts are sponsored by thredUP, an online children's consignment shop and the place you're bound to buy 90% of your child's clothing from this moment on. You can get $10 off your first order by clicking here.

Simple & Healthy Recipes: Meatball Soup

Let’s be honest: I’m not a cook. I don’t own a real cookbook (but really, who needs to when you’ve got Pinterest?!) and I don’t spend my free time experimenting in the kitchen. I like to keep my time in the kitchen short and to the point. 

I do, however, love to eat good food. We try to steer clear of meals that come in boxes, that only require a bit of heating up. So in order to avoid that, I’ve started to collect recipes that are simple to make, and not too labor intensive. Meals that can be thrown together in a crock pot to cook for the day or just require a bit of organizing in an hour before dinner. Our list is still pretty short, but we are slowly adding some great meals that we enjoy eating, and that allow us to spend less time in the kitchen, so that we can enjoy other things, too. 

Here is one of our favorite recipes for meatball soup. It’s super easy, healthy, and delicious.

Here’s what you’ll need:
1 package of meatballs
2 cans of chicken broth
6 cups of water
2 peeled carrots
1 small can of tomato paste
1 can of white kidney beans
1 can of garbonzo beans
1 can of pinto beans
1 box of Minute Rice, whole grain brown rice 
a bit of salt, pepper and garlic 

Start by cooking the meatballs according to the instructions on the package. Then take the carrots and slice them into thin slices. Once they're cooked, grab a large pot and begin adding in all of the ingredients, minus the rice, in no particular order. Let the soup come to a boil, and then let it simmer for about 20 minutes. 

Once you’ve got the soup simmering, start to cook the rice. Once it’s finished cooking, add it into the mixture and let it finish it’s simmering. 

Enjoy with some hot rolls (here’s another delicious and simple recipe!) and good company, like any good Italian would do. 

P.S. This meal is especially easy to make when you have adorable little helpers like this one here ;)

Minute® Rice is so quick and easy to prepare and is a great pantry staple. When meal time seems like a hassle, Minute® Rice is a go-to ingredient your whole family will love and allows you to have more quality time doing what you want with your loved ones. 

Leftover rotisserie chicken or veggies from a meal earlier in the week? Minute® Rice can easily be paired with some of your leftover ingredients to make a quick, easy and wholesome meal your whole family will love in just a matter of minutes. 

Visit http://www/ to create a great main meal or side dish for your next family get-together or potluck. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Minute® Rice.


Do you know Natalie Holbrook? If you don't, you should. Head on over to her blog and prepare to be inspired. That girl's writing will bring you to tears. And her little boy, Henry (better known as Huck), will kill you with cuteness. And since he always looks like he just stepped out of a magazine, I'm pretty sure this momma knows what she's doing. Trust her.  

Tell us a little about Huck!
Huck is the world's biggest sweetheart. He loves to please his mama and he is very sociable. He's really easy to hang out with, and he's got a funny little sense of humor already. He's a total dude.

How would you describe his personal style and how does his style reflect his personality? 
Huck looks really good in minimal, classic, European style androgynous clothes. He has such a sweet personality and such a cherubic, pretty face, so I avoid sporty clothes for him at all costs. It just looks cartoonish on him. He's too cool for that ;). The colors we've come up agains that don't work for him are pastel blues and burnt orange. That's, like, the entire boys section right there. ;)

What is Huck's go-to outfit?
I love Huck in leggings, a tee shirt, and a cardigan. I want him as snuggly as I can get him, and these pieces are easy to swap out if something gets dirty, and lightweight enough that you can pack a change of clothes with you at all times in case you need them (boys get messy so fast!).

Where is your favorite place to shop for him? 
I've had really good luck with American Apparel and Zara Kids.

And what is your philosophy when buying pieces for him?
I buy pieces that are classics, mostly neutral, non gender-specific colors, so his whole wardrobe is mix-and-matchable and most anything he wears now could theoretically be passed down to a someday little sister or brother. I'm not opposed to spending a little more on something if I know I'll get a lot of use out of it. That said, I buy a ton of white onesies every season and always plan to throw them out in a few months. Those suckers get stained and abused so bad...

What would you say are the three must have pieces for little boys?
A pair of moccasins, a striped top, and a cardigan. Oh! And skinny jeans. We wear at least one if not all four of these things every day.

What pieces are you always willing to splurge on?
Sweaters. Especially cardigans or zip up hoodies. We wear those like crazy.

And what is the one fashion tip you would give to mother with boys?
We don't need to beat it over everyone's heads that our boys are "boys." Clothes don't need to have trucks or dinosaurs or footballs on them. Think outside the boy stereotypes!

Genius, right?! So simple and perfect, you can easily recreate Huck's wardrobe for your little one. Here are a few tips to help you snag his look and links to the pieces featured above.

Just like Natalie said, when you fill your little one's wardrobe with classic pieces in neutral colors, it's easy to mix and match the pieces. Find what pieces, colors, and styles look good on your little one and wear the heck out of them!

button up warm coat basic tank boots beanie

This month's Little Style Series posts are sponsored by thredUP, an online children's consignment shop and the place you're bound to buy 90% of your child's clothing from this moment on. You can get $10 off your first order by clicking here.

Disneyland Prep

Let's talk about how at the end of the month we're going to Disneyland. And how it's the first time we will have gone to a Disney park since we worked and met at Disney World. And how it will be Aubryn's first Disney experience. And how I have a month's worth of activities planned to make that four day weekend pure magic (and yes, I will be sharing those activities on the blog).

We could also talk about how I plan to make things go smoothly once we get there. Like how I taught Aubryn to recognize and say Mickey and how we plan to let her see him around the park a few times before we actually take her up to see him in order to avoid a meltdown during picture/autograph time.

I could tell you how I know the best spot to watch the fireworks and that I am more excited for Aubryn to meet Pooh than I am to ride the Tower of Terror. Or I could just tell you to read this and then you'd understand why it's so important, why I'll be the woman carrying a box of tissues around with me in the Magic Kingdom.

Little's Style Series – Hawk & Cole's Classic Style

Have you met Heather Mildenstein? She's the face behind the wonderful Coterie blog and the lady behind the lens of amazing shoots like this one and this one. So, you know, you might want to keep an eye on this one. She also has two of the cutest boys on the planet and they're the epitome of classic, cool style. Don't worry, we'll wait for you to grab a pen and paper.  

Tell us a little about Hawk and Cole!
Cole and Hawk are very different, but are the best of friends! Cole is 4 and Hawk is 18 months. Cole loves baseball, cars and quesadillas. He likes to be clean and organized, but isn't afraid to get his hand dirty every so often. Hawk on the other hand, well, we call him Big Baby around our house. He is the cutest little destroyer I've ever seen. He loves getting crazy with spaghetti and knocking over anything that Cole makes. Hawk is really the sweetest baby you'll meet though. He loves to cuddle, too. 

How would you describe their personal styles and how do their styles reflect their personalities? 
I usually dress them somewhat similar, but I think that their personalities come off more in how they wear their clothes. Hawk is a lot more laid back, and so usually around the house he never matches and loves sweats. Cole on the other hand, as much as he loves his "comfy pants", has no problem wearing his superhero shirts and cowboy boots because I'm pretty sure they make him feel like a really cool big boy. 

What are their go-to outfits?
Their go-to outfits are cardigans with a white tee under, skinny jeans (from the girl's department..shhh), and shoes that are easy to slip on. Usually Freshly Picked moccasins for Hawk, and cowboy boots or Toms for Cole. 

Where is your favorite place to shop for them? 
Gap! We love love love Gap because they have great sales and have a decent selection of boys clothes. And they have pants that will fit my tiny guys. 

And what is your philosophy when buying pieces for your boys?
Simple, classic, and no logos or embellishments on them. There's nothing that drives me more nuts than to find the PERFECT shirt, but then you flip it over and it says "MAMA'S BOY" across the back. Why?? WHY?? As much as I'm a fan of Target and Walmart plain tees for $5 (which we LOVE), I think it is worth it to have a few nice pieces like cardigans that are easy to throw on buy dress up an outfit a few notches. 

What would you say are the three must have pieces for little boys?
A good pair of skinny jeans, a cardigan (Gap and H&M have great, inexpensive ones) and a bunch of solid tees (does that count as one piece:). We wear a LOT of solid tees around this house. 

What pieces are you always willing to splurge on?
Good jeans!

And what is the one fashion tip you would give to mother with boys?
Let your boy's personality shine through what they wear. Cole loves his cowboy boots, so I let him wear his boots. When he wants to wear his baseball hat, I'll coordinate his outfit around that. I want my boys to be happy with what they wear, so make I try to make it exciting for them. It's sort of fun meeting in the middle with what they want to wear and what I have in mind that day for their outfit.

A huge thank you to Heather and her boys for sharing their secrets with us! And now, a few tips to help you snag their looks and links to the pieces featured above.

Expand the size of your little boy's wardrobe by filling it with neutral colors and patterns. Remember, that you can never go with a plain tee and cardigan. But be warned, you might just die of cuteness. It will be worth it, though.

trapper cap / striped sweater / jacket / classic tee / boat shoes / blue jeans 

This month's Little Style Series posts are sponsored by thredUP, an online children's consignment shop and the place you're bound to buy 90% of your child's clothing from this moment on. Right now, they're offering free shipping on your first order using the code "SHIPFEB13" & you can get $10 off your first order by clicking here.

15 Nursery Prints for Under $15

As we've been planning the design of our new space, it has been a goal of ours to fill it with art. Art that inspires us. Whether it's from independent artists, or a classic piece of art. We are slowly building up a list of pieces that we love and wouldn't mind looking at every day.

Here are a few pieces I've been eying for Aubryn's room and a few I think would fit perfectly in a little boy's room, all for under $15.

Cities posters from Ikea, $12 for a set of 3
Floral Rabbit poster from Ikea, $3
Botanical Cards from Rifle Paper Co. (on, $16 for a set of 8
Fly Away prints from Caravan Shoppe, $6 for a set of 8
Happy World poster from Ikea, $5
Ice Cream Dessert print from, $9.99
Monkey Print from Animal Print Shop (on, $15
Hold on Print from Caravan Shoppe, $5
Cowboy Print by Rifle Paper Co (on, $10.50
War and Peace print from, $5.99

P.S. How amazing is that rabbit print from Ikea?! For $3, it's seriously a steal. You can see more of Keri Herer's prints here.

The Beach In February

On Monday, we decided to take a little trip to the Puget Sound. Aubryn had never seen a body of water bigger than a swimming pool, so I was excited to see her experience the ocean for the first time. At first she was scared,  and then in awe, and by the time we left, she was in love. She even forgot how dirty throwing rocks and all that sand made her hands. And that, my friends, is saying something. This girl cannot stand dirty hands.

At one point, she picked up ever single rock within reaching distance and threw it back into the ocean. And then she sighed. Taking care of the environment is hard work. 

Slowly but surely, she warmed up to the waves and eventually stood in the water with us and let the waves come up onto her boots. Then she wanted to swim in it.

This little lady is quite the explorer. She wanted to see, touch, climb on everything.

And then we just took a lot of pictures of beautiful wood.

And this is the moment I died!

We have been having so much fun exploring our new home, especially with our little girl in tow. Things that have become normal to us are new and exciting to her and she reminds me to look a little closer and enjoy those small moments. Every day, she reminds me that life is beautiful.

Little's Style Series – Channeling Cal & Hayes

Emily Frame is the stylist behind amazing shoots like these and one of the three masterminds behind the children's lifestyle blog, Small Fry. So it's no wonder that her little ones would be among the best dressed kids on the web. P.S. Make sure to read on until the very end! Her last tip is my favorite (and so true!).

Tell us a little about your boys!
I have two sweet as honey boys, Hayes & Callum (Cal like California). They are 16 months apart and the best of friends. They fight over toys like puppies, but are each other's best customers when it comes to jokes and are constantly rooting the other on in mischief.

Hayes is sensitive, silly, caring & such a pure hearted guy. He thinks all the toys in sight are his toys. Sharing literally pains him, you can see it in his face, but he keeps working at it. His little face and tiny voice will break your heart or the bank, whichever comes first. Spoiled!

Cal is our honeyman, we always say "he's just happy to be here!" because he is so easygoing, and independent. Definitely the easiest of babies. His favorite pass-times are eating everything in sight, singing to himself, and flirting with everyone. He's a spitfire when he doesn't get his way and can wrestle his big brother to the ground already.

How would you describe their personal styles and how do their styles reflect their personalities?
They have yet to exert their independence on clothes, so I guess their personal style is whatever I want it to be! I don't like their clothes to limit them or their activity so I keep that in mind when we get dressed in the morning.

What are their go-to outfits?
Stretchy denim, super soft tees & moccasins with a backwards hat or beanie. Boys are so easy!

Where is your favorite place to shop for your boys?
I love thrifting for them. It's cost effective (my boys are so hard on their clothes!) and I've found some amazing and unique pieces.

And what is your philosophy when buying pieces for them?
I don't love anything too precious, and I hate label heavy or overly loud clothes. So they dress really simply and kind of like little adults! To me that's the cutest.

What would you say are the three must-have pieces for little boys?
Durable sneakers, a cardigan for the car so we can easily go from playtime to a nice dinner, and a belt. There is virtually nothing to a little boy's tooshie so you gotta have something to keep those trousers up! I use a neon shoelace for their belts, super easy to get on and off & they never out grow it!

What pieces are you always willing to splurge on?
Shoes! Since there's two boys in a row, I feel justified knowing they'll get double the use. You start to learn what shoes will last and what aren't worth the splurge, but even still, a splurge to me is $50.

And what is the one fashion tip you would give to mothers with boys?
If they never see light up dinosaur shoes in the store, they'll never ask for them! I've successfully avoided the Target boys shoe aisle for two years. :)

Thank you so much, Emily, Cal and Hayes! Check out Small Fry's series, From Head to Toe, for more amazing looks and tips!

And now, a few tips to snag the looks above, plus links to the featured pieces!

Don't be afraid to shop in the girls section for jeans for your little boy. The cuts are great and no one will ever guess they are actually for girls. Blazers are great staple pieces for a little boy's wardrobe because they can easily be dressed up or down. Throw it over a tucked in button up for a more formal occasion, or leave the shirt untucked and throw on a beanie to keep it looking casual.

skinny jeans / beanie / zip-up cardigan / plaid button-up / grey cardigan / blazer

This month's Little Style Series posts are sponsored by thredUP, an online children's consignment shop and the place you're bound to buy 90% of your child's clothing from this moment on. Right now, they're offering free shipping on your first order using the code "SHIPFEB13" & you can get $10 off your first order by clicking here.