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It's been a good week for us. Jordan informed me that the oranges we bought might be the best he ever remembers eating and upon inspection, I concluded that, yes, they are that good. After a month of reverting back to newborn sleeping habits, Aubryn has once again started sleeping through the night (cue choirs of angels singing). She's become quite the reader these last few days, too. She loves carrying her books around with her and she's always trying to sneak over to the bookshelf to grab more.

And can I brag on that husband of mine for a minute? He works in BYU-Idaho's marketing department and recently launched a cool campaign for the library. It's pretty dang sweet. Check it out.

I also tweet and pin. Here are a few of this week's favorite finds I wanted to share with you:

-A great relationship tip.
-On my bucket list: attend a Kinfolk dinner.
-My dream office.
-How do you see yourself?
-The Big Book of Names and Faces.
-Dying to try to whole pattern mixing trend after seeing Aubryn's outfit post? Here are some great tips for y.
-Shedding some light.
-Have you every seen moss graffiti? Here's how to do it.
-How cool would it be to have this in your backyard?
-I wish my table looked like this when dinner was finished.

Happy Friday, everyone! Have any great plans for this weekend? Whatever you end up doing, enjoy! I'll meet you back here Monday!

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