A Few of My Favorite Things No. 5

I love Etsy. It's a gathering place for so many creative people and projects. I love being able to support other small businesses, to buy things that are handmade, things that are vintage. Items that are full of love and life, items that have a story. I like knowing where the things I buy are coming from and where my money is going.

The entire marketplace is full of wonderful goods, but here are a few of my favorite items that are currently for sale.

1. Zen blocks. The world of children's toys is full of eye sores and there are few items that I really want to add to Aubryn's toy box. These being one of them.
2. Bearly In Love With You note cards. I love this entire shop. I love the mix of mix of indian and modern.
3. Aurelie hobo bag. I'm always looking for the perfect one.
4. Wool felt Macbook Air sleeve. I have found very few covers for our laptop that I like. This one makes the love list. The grey felt and brown leather look brilliant together.
5. Turkish Peshtemal bath towel. One of the prettiest towels I've ever laid eyes on.
6. Alaska key hooks. I have no sentimental ties to Alaska and never wish to live there, but I would like this to live on my wall.

What are some of your Etsy favorites?


  1. I'm likin' #'s 4 and 5. #6...Alaska? Are you trying to say something?

    1. I just really love Alaska. That's all.


You are wonderful.