A Pregnancy Book

I was took a book making class during the last trimester of my pregnancy. For our final project, we had to make a content book. We were to create something meaningful, something important. I chose to create a book about my pregnancy. Something to keep those small (but oh so special) moments safe and neatly preserved.

Rather than creating a traditional bound book, I decided to make a card for each week of the pregnancy and a box to keep them in. 

Each card held something that I wanted to remember from the last nine months: pictures, entries from both Jordan and I's journals, quotes, memories, letters I wrote to Aubryn along the way. I also took my favorite pieces of advice off the advice cards from my baby shower and listed them on the cards. 

The book was due the thirty ninth week of my pregnancy (yeah, we were cutting it close; thank goodness she's punctual!) so rather than leaving card number forty blank, I decided to add this quote describing what labor pains feel like: "Take your bottom lip and pull it over your head."

I love the finished product. I must have flipped through those cards a hundred times in that long last week before Aubryn came. Remembering, waiting, trying to memorize every piece of advice.

Growing a human can be a bit trying. There are times that are rough, moments that bring you to tears, of joy, pain, sadness. There are moments that are so small, so quiet, if you aren't still, you miss them. Those nine months were wonderful. I want to keep them with me always. To remember the moments leading up to the blessing that is our baby girl. I'm so glad I was able to create this book to help me do just that. 

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  1. Such an amazing project. Aubryn will love looking through it when she's older.

    1. Thanks, Heather! It was a little time consuming and hard, but I'm so glad I made it. Like you said, I'm glad Aubryn will have it to look at in the future.

  2. Love it!! Great job!! Thanks for sharing (:


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