A Little Trick

There are times when being a mom can be rough. Times when the sleepless nights and rather messy days catch up to you. Times when you could really use a little break.

For some, that need can quickly be met by a mother who's just a short drive away, or a husband who works from home. But others aren't that lucky. With Jordan working full time and me staying home with Aubryn, I can't just step away whenever I'd like. I don't have a built-in babysitter at my beck and call. What I do have though is a babe needs my attention and care, even when I'm feeling low on what I can do and give.

Here are a few tricks I've learned that get me through such moments.

1. Let it in.
Let yourself think. And sit back and listen to those thoughts. Give yourself 30 seconds. Then stop.

2. Evaluate.
Do a quick fact check on your thoughts. Take a minute to see what feelings are valid and what ones aren't true or are a bit skewed. Get rid of the latter and try to figure out the reasoning behind and solutions for the former.

*Remember, absolutes rarely exist: your baby doesn't always cry, your husband doesn't always do that, your hair doesn't always suck. Going along with that, try to avoid exaggerating. Trying to see things as they really are is always helps me.

3. Count those blessings.
Yes, motherhood is hard, but if I had to choose between my daughter and a full night's sleep, she would win every time (obviously). Yes, I wish Jordan didn't have to leave us every day, but I am so grateful that he has a wonderful job that he enjoys. Remember what you're fighting for, remember what you have.

4. Breathe.
Breathe in deep. Take a look at those blessings. Then smile and get back to work.

(Sometimes these steps have to be repeated a few times before you start to see results. And that's totally fine.)

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