Online Baby Registries

Creating a baby registry can be somewhat of a daunting task. Registering for your wedding or other big events can also be a bit overwhelming, but a baby registry is in a whole different ball park.

What exactly do you need? And in what quantities? Will your baby actually like it or will you be stuck with that once-washed swaddling blanket after finding out it doesn't quite work with your little one?

And even if you find all the right items, register for them at your local Target, your great aunt that lives across the country might not be able to find that exact item in her local store. Creating a registry for your new little one is hard enough without that last factor coming into play and ruining all the hard work you've done.

Have you ever thought of creating an online registry? You know that the item will be there, it's easier to make sure that you're finding the best deal, and you can register at multiple stores, rather than just having to settle on one and hope they have everything you need/want.

There are multiple sites that can help you register online, but I think Pinterest would be the ultimate registry site. You can pin items from anywhere on the web, add prices for each item, and comment describing what you would use the item for or other important details. Plus, most of the people who you'd invite to a shower are probably already following your boards.

And you've probably already got a board full of all the items you're pinning for baby, so why not save yourself some time?

This is in no way an announcement, but here are a few items that would be on my baby registry pin board if I were to do it over again. This time for a boy since you've seen enough girly stuff on here. 

1. What A Croc pull toy from The Land of Nod.
2. Banded Fedora from Gap.
3. Contrast Pocket T-Shirt from Country Road.
4. Hedgehog Head Portrait from The Land of Nod.
5. Premium Skinnies from The Children's Place.
6. Leather Elephant from 1stdibs.
7. Mini-Wooly the Sheep from Tea Collection.
8. Desert Boots from Gap.
9. Dandy Candy Stripe Coverall from The Land of Nod.
10. Jungle Mobile from The Land of Nod.

P.S. Did  you know today is 3.14? Pi Day? To celebrate, The Land of Nod is offering 3.14159% off all items using the code PIDAY 5. It's valid today only, so hurry on over and grab some of their adorable stuff!

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