A Few of My Favorite Things No. 6

This week I wanted to share a few of Aubryn's favorite things. Registering for baby items can be a little difficult. It's hard to know exactly what clothes will fit your babe just right, what types of blankets will be best for swaddling and what ones will be best as they get older. Even things as simple as bottles and teethers are a matter of personal preference, even for a one-month-old.

 If I could do my baby registry over again, knowing what I know now, knowing Aubryn's likes and dislikes, these items would be at the top of my list.

1. These onesies from Gap are the best. Soft, classic, and they don't shrink. They are by far our favorites.
2. Aubryn loves these fleece blankets from Ikea and they're only $3.99! I want to buy one in every color so we always have a couple clean.
3. If I had to pick the prettiest walker, this FAO Schwarz one would have my vote. We also love that it can store toys and has a little something for Aubryn to play with in front. It was the same price as all the other walkers at Toys 'R Us and was by far our favorite. (Note, it's twice the price on Amazon; don't buy it from there.)
4. This play gym from Ikea is one of Aubryn's favorite toys. And it has been since she was about a month old. She loves the bright colors and I love the simple design.
5. Aubryn started teething at about 3 months. We bought her teething rings but she couldn't quite get the hang of holding them by herself yet. We decided to try a teething blanket and viola! She was able to hold it and it helped solve our teething woes.
6. Board books are great for little babies. They can flip through the pages without ripping them, gnaw on the edges, throw them on the ground, with no permanent damage done. I think these classics turned board books are rather wonderful.
7. The girl loves rugs. I'd like to get this rug from Ikea so that she can play with it instead of always trying to grab the one we wipe our feet on by the front door.
8. These leggings come from the same collection as our favorite onesies. They are soft, come in great colors, and fit nicely, unlike a lot of other baggy baby leggings.

What are some of you and your babe's favorite things? Have you checked out the nominees for the Cribsie Awards yet? I'm loving all the picks!


  1. as a first time mom, i LOVE posts like this! i literally started panicking when i went to make a registry a couple months ago because there was just so much stuff and i didn't know anything about any of it. thank you, thank you!

    1. It's overwhelming, right?! You know there is so much you need, but so many options for each category! I don't know if you read Oh Joy, A Cup of Jo or Oh Happy Day, but they all have great baby registry guides! You can just search for them on their blog and they should come up.


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