Thoughts On Raising A Four Month Old

Sometimes we call her Aubs. Or little A. On occasion, we use her given name. Which she’s starting to respond to. She laughs. She cracks jokes; we don’t understand them but we laugh anyway. Because she’s just so darn cute. We tell her she’s loved every night. And kiss her every morning. 

For now, our days are full of cuddles, laughs and diaper changes. One day it will get harder. Her Minnie rattle will sit gathering dust in a box in the attic and her daddy will no longer be her favorite man. One day we’ll add first date to her list of firsts and an old Honda will replace a stroller as her transportation of choice. 

One day, she won’t smile when we call her chubby. 

When one day comes, I’ll be ready for it and it will be just as wonderful as this stage is. But one day can wait. Because today, right this minute, she’s all snuggles and chubs and mine. And it’s wonderful.


  1. what an adorable post. this is so wonderful girl. thank you for sharing!! can't wait to have a "one day" of my own ;)
    xo TJ

  2. bah this girl is so cute. and i love how you write. keep blogging. :)


You are wonderful.