Some Days Are Just Rough

Sometimes, life is just rough. Some days, I kinda want to scream and cry and then sleep. In that order. But that would probably be seen as dramatic. Because it probably would be.

Lucky for babies, that’s just the norm. They have a certain number of screaming, crying and sleeping points to use each day and no one says a peep about drama, laziness or chill pills when they redeem them. 

Lucky for us (and by us I mean Jordan and I), Aubryn doesn’t feel the need to use up her points each day. She’s frugal, that girl. So somedays, the rougher than rough days, she kinda feels entitled to a little crying and sleeping. 

And that’s fine by me. Because crying plus sleeping equals snuggles for me. I might just cry when the math no longer works out that way. And don’t call me dramatic.

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