hey santa... | DIY edition.

Throughout the month, I’m going to be posting gift guides. With great gifts for your mom. Your baby. Your little sister. Your husband. You know, everyone you love.

Today, the gift guide has gifts for everyone. And they are all gifts that you can make yourself.

1. Plush alphabet. This one’s for the kids. Or a typography loving graphic designer. The choice is yours. But either way, it’s bound to be a hit.
2. Felt food. Again, this one is for the children. I’m drooling over that cotton candy. It’s just so darn cute. 
3. Doily onesie. I’m pretty sure this is one of the cutest onesies I have ever seen. And it would be even cuter on that little chubby babe of mine. Or on your kid. It’s really up to you. But I wouldn’t be made if you chose the former.  
4. Jean whale. I’m making this for Aubryn. As soon as I figure out my sewing machine. And how to read/translate this tutorial. 
5. Lauren headband. One for the momma, one for the babe. Matching shirts might be a little much for a mom and daughter. But matching headbands? Totally fine. 
6. Hair comb. Simple to make. And the perfect, simple accessory. I’m pretty sure it would go with just about every outfit in my closet. And probably your sister’s too. 
7. Calendar journal. All this requires is a container, a few dividers and 3x5 notecards. Perfect for your wallet. And your mom. 
8. Notebook lunch bag. Such a cool retro gift for the working man in your life. The one going to the office or just hanging out on the playground. 
9. iPhone case/wallet. Phone on one side, cards and cash on the other. Nice and compact. Great gift for a guy. And I’m sure gals would love it too. 

And there you have it. A round-up of my favorite DIY gifts floating around the blogosphere. Love them as much as I do? Great. Do me a favor, will ya? If you end up making any of these fine gifts, let me know! Then I can live vicariously through you since I’m not nearly crafty enough to make all of these gifts myself. 

So glad we’ve got each other’s backs. 


  1. i really want to eat that felt corndog.... :) love the gift guide idea, can't wait to see more!

  2. OH my gosh, I would love to be able to make those toy food{in number two} but I would NEVER be able to make them look that good.


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