Our Very Merry Christmas

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. And it turns out that adding a child to the mix only makes the day that much more enjoyable. It was so fun to see Aubryn open presents and get more excited about the paper than the gift inside; to introduce her to all her aunts, uncles and cousins; to make her a part of our favorite time of year.

We spent our Christmas break eating yummy food, watching movies, spending time with family and old friends. At times we felt like escorts to a movie star since everyone wanted to meet the little girl. Our first day in town we were already scheduled for a meet-and-greet.

1 & 2: A white Christmas tree.
3: Aubryn and her great grandpa Lynn. 
4: A baby in a much too big Santa hat. 
5: A opening her presents on Christmas Eve. 
6: All the Marostica grandkids. A isn't quite sure what to do with all those rowdy boys. 

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