The Time I Almost Hugged The FedEx Man

Monday, I sold my laptop. Which meant no Photoshop or Illustrator. Which meant no blogging. Because it's really hard to blog without a laptop. And it's extra hard to blog without pictures.

So these past few days this blog has been a little quiet. But no longer, I say. Because today I almost hugged the FedEx man. Which isn't why I can now blog. I almost hugged the man and can now blog because he brought me this. 

I spent the entire day on the couch, cocking my head to the right every time I heard the creak of a big truck, looking to see if it was FedEx. And then, at 3 pm, he finally came. He got out of his truck and took a nice box to our neighbors house. I squealed. And then he drove away. Never to return. Until 4:30. When he did return. Thankfully, with an iMac in hand. 

We now have a baby and a desktop computer. We're officially adults.


  1. seriously how fun is this. a baby and a desktop!!! i couldn't be more proud.

  2. Feels so good to finally be an adult...

  3. If the FexEx man is giving out computers I need to go hunt him down!!!

  4. when we first got our mac desktop my world was turned upside down. I LOVE IT! So much easier to manuever when editing pictures and videos than with a laptop. Best investment! yay for you!


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