every couple should have this conversation at some point in their marriage. and sooner rather than later.

A few of my favorites from our wedding day. Weddings are emotional affairs; my nephew, John just gets it. 

Last night at the dinner table, Jordan paused while preparing his spaghetti, looked at me, and in all seriousness said the following:

“Dear. If we are ever kidnapped, or if someone finds out I’m a spy and we have to prove that we are married--I’m not sure why we would, but just in case--you’re going to have to tell them how I eat my spaghetti.”

After three tries, I got it right. Correct answer: a small helping with marinara, followed by a large helping of plain noodles with butter and salt.

Good thing we practiced. But I think showing the kidnappers a picture from our wedding might suffice. Maybe not.


  1. I don't think the picture would suffice. I think they would want to know about the spaghetti. Just sayin...

  2. one of my favorite posts. i MISS THESE. so witty.

  3. hahah yesss loved this. those first two pictures are adorable.


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