this week we...

Discovered how fun and oh-so-cool that “other” little baby in the mirror is. She’s Aubryn’s third favorite person to play with. Right after mom and dad.

Continued to perfect our face making skills.

Did our fair share of splashing. Kicking is much more fun when doing so results in lots of noise and wet faces. Mine and her’s.

Went for what might possibly be one our last walks of the year. It is starting to get a little chilly around here. And when it gets cold, it gets real cold.

Moved on up in the world of baby clothes: from 0-3 months, to 3-6. We were a little excited to find that this little number now fits.

Tried out “baby wearing.” As in strapping your child to your chest with a baby carrier that has seven million ties. We’re not quite sure how we feel about it yet.

Played multiple rounds of our new favorite game: letstrytofitourentirehandinourmouth. It never seems to get old.

And since we’ve been MIA for so long... here are a few highlights from previous weeks.

We spent three days in the hospital. And got a few battle scars. I’m not sure which of us is more happy that’s over.

Saw snow for the first time. We were a little perturbed, but then were really excited that we got to wear such a cute cardigan.

Learned that it’s best to keep our legs up. At all times.

And discovered how fun it is to grab things. Especially our play gym. And mom’s hair.

Our life is good... Real good. (Ten points to the first person to name that movie.)


  1. ahhhh why the hospital? i'm glad everything is ok, love all the pictures!

  2. So cute. AND such a cute baby. Really. How fun. I haven't held a baby or a kid in 6 months and it is killlinnngggg me. Lucky you get to hold one every day!

  3. gosh, her FACES!
    love that she figured out the mirror baby, that's always a fun game!!


You are wonderful.