where i’ve been for the past two months. or, meet aubryn.

The past couple months have been spent sleeping, eating, changing, bathing, smiling, rocking, holding, laughing and maybe a little crying. It’s been the best kind of exhausting. 

A good chunk of my day is spent taking pictures. Because this little girl is so dang cute. And because I want to remember how she is at every stage. 

So here’s Aubryn, as she is, right now.

Her eyes are big and blue, with a brown fleck in the right one. Her hair is brown, her thighs are chunky and her cheeks are perfect for squeezing. She loves baths and swings and running. And eating, hence the chunky thighs and squeezable cheeks. 

Everyone says she looks like me, but I see so much of her father in her. She inherited his laid back personality and they both laugh in their sleep. She’s a budding comedian and is always making us laugh.

There is so much personality in this little girl and every day a bit more emerges. Watching her grow and change each day has been amazing. We are so glad she’s ours. 


  1. aaaahhhhh she is so beautiful!!! i will have to come visit again soon :)

  2. She's perfect <3 That smile! Merci for sharing :)

  3. oh man she is SO cute. can't wait to see her in a weekkkkk!!!

  4. oh my goodness, she is beautiful!

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  5. ah! soooo adorable! i'm new to your blog but I just had to tell you how cuuuute that bub is!
    just perfect!
    xoxo ellyse


You are wonderful.