preview of the wardrobe.

Have you ever purchased (almost) an entire wardrobe for someone all at once? A wardrobe that's meant to last them an entire year? A year when they will need a new size about every three months?

That's what our weekend consisted of. Tons of tiny clothes.

Baby Girl's little side of the closet is officially filling up with dresses, onesies and itty bitty pairs of jeans.

And the stripe obsession is still going strong. My mom bought a pair of striped shoes even though my dad told her he didn't think I'd like them (I did like them, though). "They're striped," she replied. "Of course she'll like them."

I had to assure them that although I like stripes, my goal isn't to create an entire wardrobe of striped attire; other patterns are great and so is plain clothing. Apparently I'm giving people the wrong impression.

So, everyone, I love stripes, but I love other things, too. Just so we're clear.

I'd also like to point out that obsessions run in the family. And that my mother seems to be obsessed with polka dots.

And let's not forget my husband's argyle obsession. Which unlike the others, has yet to manifest itself in this little girl's wardrobe. It's currently confined to his sock drawer.

We took a brief inventory of Baby Girl's clothes after our shopping spree and counted 16 dresses (among other things). Yeah, that's a lot. Especially when her momma only has three. Apparently that needs to be added to the obsession list as well.

My mom hesitantly pulled that little gem on the right out of the shopping bag, saying that she wasn't sure if we would like it, but that we could return it if we didn't.

We're kind of in love with it (Jordan admitted that it's his favorite, too). Maybe I'd wear more dresses if I could find ones as great as that in my size.


  1. OH MY LANTA. those clothes. that dress on the right! SO ADORABLEEEE.

  2. such a cute one, right? just wait until you see it up close.

  3. oh man love those baby clothes that's for sure.


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