forever with you.

This weekend was full. And with such wonderful things. Like family, and getting things ready for Baby Girl (did I tell you this Thursday marks 6 months?) and this.

And then there was this talk. It might be my favorite talk about marriage. So honest. So sweet. And filled with so much love. You can feel his devotion to his wife. And it makes you want to be better, more loving, more patient.

If there's one thing that I've learned from marriage it's that you have the chance to do that, every day. It's your choice. People can change, love lasts, but both take work.

Marriage takes action and forgiveness and patience. It takes forgetting you and focusing on us. It takes sacrifice and pain. And sometimes it takes a milkshake or two (one glass, two straws. or maybe just one straw).

Never in my life have I had to give so much thought to another human being. To consider his wants and needs, his hopes and fears right along with my own. Never before has such selflessness mattered. Never before have I had so many opportunities to grow,  into a better person and so close to someone else.

Never before have I experienced so much joy; thank goodness it's forever.


  1. it's amazing huh? giving so much thought to another person. i love being married.


You are wonderful.