the first of april.

I'm big on pranks. But I've never been too fond of April Fool's. Weird, right?

For me, the joy of pranking lies in the surprise. So when people lie in wait, anticipating that surprise, it kills the moment.

But, in honor of the holiday honoring one of my favorite past times, here are three of my favorite tried and true pranks.

And please, try them on a day other than April 1st. In fact, try to integrate things like this into your monthly life (because daily's a little much). Having fun just makes life more interesting. And fun.

1. Put something in jello. It's usually best to do something the person uses regularly, but isn't out in the open. Here, we decided to use a computer mouse because it was tucked away on a pullout keyboard tray. You can do just about anything that will fit inside your mold. And make sure you have a fork on hand so that they can eat it out.

2. Put a person's belongings in a vending machine. And then give them pennies to buy those items back. When I was in high school, we put a friend's inhaler, CD, and keys in the milk machine (we were BFF's with the milk man). You have to watch closely with this prank though, just in case someone other than the owner tries to buy that nice iPhone for 75 cents.

3. Do a room swap. Replace the contents of one room with everything from another room. In this instance, we reversed the bedroom and living room. Make sure that everything is in its proper place, just in another room. It'll make them think nothing's different at first. Like I said, pranks that catch people off guard are the best.

What's the best prank you've ever pulled?


  1. man alive i love those pranks. what teacher was the jello trick on?? fitch? carter? i'm dying over here. and the vending machine was will right? you guys were good.

  2. the jello was to zig and beale. i might not have lived to tell the tale if it had been to carter. it might have been worth it, though... his face would have been golden.

    and yes, the vending machine was will. this kid came up before we made it over to buy back the items and bought one of will's cds. we had to bribe him to give it back. haha. poor will. it seems like he was the victim of all our jokes and pranks.

  3. haha, very funny tori, your pranks do not phase me. (okay maybe a little) speaking of the pranks and the office, have you seen the new ones? with will ferrell and with dwight as boss? if you haven't, they are a must!

  4. are there new pranks on the office, or are you just talking about the new episodes? i haven’t seen the new ones with will yet; i heard they’re just not the same... you’re a fan, though?


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