simple solutions: make it look intentional.

Old homes are wonderful. But they can be awkward.

Like our friends' house that has a built-in shelving unit with cubbies that are too small to fit anything other than a few pieces of mail. Or that bright carpet that seems to be a defining characteristic of the older generation of homes. 

There always seem to be odd spaces that can't quite be filled or features that never seem to fit.

And sometimes you just have to embrace it. 

You aren't always (and some of us aren't ever) going to live in a house that you designed every inch of. You won't always love every feature and sometimes you have to make due with those awkward bits. And that's true with most everything in life. 

Sometimes you just have to make the awkwardness look intentional. Kinda like jogging it out when you trip. (Happens all the time on the sidewalk outside our front window.)

So in honor of that embracing, here's our simple "make–do" project: how an awkward refrigerator nook turns into one of my favorite pieces in our home.

Funny isn't it? That some of our least favorite things can become our favorites with a little love and shift in perspective?

Do you have any awkward spaces that you've prettied up? I'd love to see! Share links to your "make–do" projects in the comments. 


You are wonderful.