All I can think about lately is this little girl. And motherhood. And beginning this new stage of life with Jordan. And how great of a father he'll be.

I can't stop thinking about car seats and cribs and onesies and hospitals. Our neighbor showed us the quickest route to the delivery room yesterday. And the pregnancy checklist keeps on keeps getting shorter and shorter.

Our neighbor had her baby last week. Seven weeks early. (That equals a lot of time at the hospital which equals knowing the fastest way there.) And that's made all this planning seem like it should be happening that much faster.

And yet, there's still not much of a baby bump around here, which makes that due date seem a long while off. She can take her time, though; I'll be patient.

For now, we'll go shopping for a car seat this weekend with my parents. And maybe decide on a crib. We'll keep going to our monthly doctor's visits and I'll keep wishing that every one included an ultrasound. I just love watching this little girl; feeling her move and grow is magical, but seeing it is a whole different kind of wonderful.

I can't wait to see what holding those wiggles will be like.


  1. Sweet post! You're a great writer and will be a fantastic mother!


You are wonderful.