simple solutions: the importance of planning.

The most important step in home decorating is planning. And there are so many facets of it: budgeting, ideation, measuring... All of which are important.

The ideation phase comes first. There's really no one way to do this, but it's always good to do some sort of window shopping so that you can get an idea of size, price, texture and what those items will look like all together.

Here are three tools to get you started:
1. Inspiration boards are always helpful. You can can create them digitally or using good ol' paper and scissors. Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out Lay Baby Lay to see their beautifully displayed inspiration.
2. Pinterest: the easiest way to organize your ideas. You can "pin" all your ideas onto a virtual pin board, along with the original site the item or idea came from and the item's price.
3. Walking. In malls, through thrift stores, in other people's homes (with their permission, of course). You can find amazing things online, but nothing beats being able to touch, smell and test–drive all your ideas.

Next up is the budget. Because you did your research, you know what you actually need and how much those items cost. The answers to those two questions will help you determine a reasonable budget. And once that price is set, stick to it! Yes, there are stunningly beautiful things out there that are the perfect fit for your home, but you'll be surprised what you can create on a budget.

Here are just a few examples (all of which were found on Pinterest; another great reason to use it):
1. A $250 chandelier for $9.
2. Faux metal lettering.
3. Wall art made from toilet paper rolls.

As you start planning out your space and researching items to fill it, never discard DIY projects. Sometimes you can find a used version of something cheaper than you can make it, but it's always worth it to check and make sure before you buy it from the store. As you can see from the first example, you can save a lot of money and still get something you love.

Now it's time to start shopping. But before you step foot out the door (or onto the Craigslist website), measure your space! That couch might only be $30, but if it won't fit in your living room it doesn't really matter. Getting out that ruler will only take a few minutes and will save you so much stress and time.

Helpful tools:
1. Measuring tape.
2. Paper and pen to record the measurements.
3. Heavy lifters to get those great deals in the house.

Did I miss any important steps? What tools have helped you?

P.S. Don't you just love Lay Baby Lay? Maybe it's just this baby, but I can't stop thinking about all those beautiful creations.

Oh, and if you fall in love with Pinterest and decide to join, look me up!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Via pinterest, hmm, didn't even know we were on there!

  2. i feel like this post should have been named "KATE! READ THIS!" i pride myself on planning and organization, but when it come to shopping or decorating i am so impulsive! (luckily my budget for decorating puts a cap on my implusivness!) i have to constantly remind myself that less is more and classic pices never got out of style.

  3. oh, and i love the "lay baby lay" site mostly because i love, love the song it's named after!

  4. Kate, I couldn't agree more about the classic pieces. Especially with such a tight budget, we try to make sure that we LOVE (and will continue to love for longer than a semester) everything that we buy!

    Now I just have to train myself to do that with clothes!


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