shop opening: day 1.

It's finally open! That Pair of Crutches is now on Etsy!

For the next week, I'll be adding a couple of items to the shop every day, and will introduce them here on the blog. The week-long celebration will be full of other fun surprises as well!

Join in on this week's celebration by liking TPOC's new page on Facebook and you'll get a special shop discount. For every 100 subscribers we get we'll do a giveaway!

So, new in the TPOC shop today: the "Love is Like" print and card.

When I fell in love with my husband, my whole world changed. The feeling came so subtly and was so natural, and yet, after it was rooted in my heart, everything was different. From that moment on, I couldn't imagine life without him.

That same feeling came when I felt this little one kick for the first time. That was the moment it all became real: we're having a child. That tiny kick, that realization changed everything once more. I now have someone else to love, someone else to share my heart with. And even though I can't hold this little someone in my arms yet, they are here, they are real and they are mine... and I can't imagine life without them.

Love is like having a color television set. You never wanna go back to black and white. 

Head on over to the shop to check it out and stay tuned for more products to come!

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  1. YAY! Tory I am just in love with reading your blog. I've read like all of your old posts. I love the way you talk about love so expressively. I need to be a more creative blogger!.. I just babble. You're an inspiration.


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