shop opening: day 2.

Today is the second day of the shop's opening week and this little welcome card is today's new item!

I made this card with my sister-in-law in mind. For the past year and a half, she's been on a mission for our church, and Tuesday night, we finally got to welcome her home (via Skype)!

The first interaction she and I had happened via text messaging, while Jordan and I were shopping for wedding rings. It went a little like this:

Me: Hi, Kinsey! This is Tori. I was just wondering if you would be one of my bridesmaids at our wedding?
Kinsey: Haha, yeah. 

Shortly after our conversation, Jordan got a text from her that saying that she thought it was funny that our first conversation was about our wedding plans; we were going to be sisters and we didn't even know one another.

And the first time I met the rest of Jordan's family, we were in Hollywood Studios in Florida and I was dancing my little heart out to a High School Musical parade. I was a little embarrassed when I heard them laughing behind me.

First impressions aren't really my strong suit.

Find this little card in our shop, and remember to "like" TPOC's Facebook page to get a 25% off coupon for the shop!

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