there's gonna be a baby around here and it's starting to show.

No... not in the stomach area. But in these teeny outfits* that have been making their way into our laundry. And this guy that hides in our closet.

This whole baby business hit a lot closer to home when I washed a few baby pieces with Jordan and I's clothes. It was so weird folding those tiny pieces of fabric!

And although you can't quite tell from the picture, that elephant is about two feet tall... sitting down. Maybe we'll use it as a pillow or something til baby's old enough for it, or at least as tall as it is.

*yes they are all striped. what of it?


  1. Congrats! i had no idea. travis needs to keep me more updated!! & we all should act like friends sometime and DO SOMETHING!

  2. yes, we do! how much longer do you two have left in school?


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