ask away.

Jordan is the very best kind of person. He's smart, genuine, and handsome; he is full of love and kindness and jokes. He is a creator/curator of awkward moments.

I remember when I first met his family. I called my mom right after and told her that I hoped I married into a family like that. I remember feeling the love that Jordan had for them, and feeling the first small touches of love staring to grow for him.

I love surprising him. For April Fool's one year, a friend and I stole the key to his apartment and snuck in while he was at work. We took the contents of his bedroom and put them in his living room, while putting his living room in his bedroom. We arranged everything exactly the same way and waited. Later that night I got a phone call: Jordan told me that I needed to come over and see his apartment. He said that when he walked in, he just stood there laughing for about five minutes. His laugh is one of my favorite sounds.

I remember reading his blog before I ever really knew him. He wrote about his shower playlist and his loathing for small cups; he talked about finding a cockroach in his lunch bag and burning pop-tarts. I laughed the entire time.

He still makes me laugh. Every day.

I think it's time for all of you to meet him. Because some of you still haven't. You've heard my stories and seen pictures, but you have yet to ever talk to him. So, next week, he's going to be here on the blog answering all your questions. Want to know what he thinks about our little girl? Or get some marketing tips for your business? Want to know his thoughts on marriage, how to create awkward moments, or what his favorite ride at Disney World is? Ask away.

Leave your questions in the comments, or send them to me in an email. And next Wednesday (right after we announce the giveaway winner!) he will be here to answer them.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't already! Remember, there are multiple ways to enter, but you need to leave a separate comment for each different thing you do! 

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