simple things... in the kitchen.

In my little lifetime, I've had a few cooking revelations. A few simple tips and tricks that have made a world of difference.

The first one happened when I was about ten. I was at a friend's house and we were having PB&J sandwiches for lunch. And it was the most delicious PB&J I had ever tasted. The difference came because of a simple formation trick: peanut butter spread on both pieces of bread, jelly in the middle.

The second cooking revelation came when I was living in Florida. I befriended an Italian guy, and one night, we convinced him to make us some pasta. When the pasta finished cooking, instead of dishing out naked noodles and letting each of us put our own sauce on it, he mixed in the sauce first, and then served it. I had never made pasta like this before, but have never gone back since.

The third happened while Jordan and I were visiting his parents. One night we decided to break out some cookies and milk, and as I started to fill my glass up with that cold, white cookie–dipping goodness, I noticed Jordan had started to break up his cookies and pile them at the bottom of his cup, which he then filled with milk. So I followed his lead. And it was heaven. Saves time, and is less messy.

The fourth revelation is similar to the third: using a fork to dip Oreos in milk. Less messy, easier to eat, so much more enjoyable.

And the fifth... putting candied almond slivers in salads. Instantly improves any salad. The other night our friends made a simple salad: spinach, carrots, ham, cheese. Then they added those candied almond slivers and BAM! Amazing salad.

What simple cooking tips and tricks do you think make all the difference? I'd love to know; I'm kinda a big fan of food.

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