let's be honest.

I'm obsessed with stripes.

Jordan and I went on a little date Saturday night and did a some window shopping for baby. Five minutes and ten clothing picks later, Jordan pointed out that everything I had showed him was striped. Literally. He suggested we branch out a bit. And then went on to pick out every striped item in the baby section, going on and on about how cute it was. Yeah, he's sassy.

(Side note: Sassy people are great. You start acting sassy, and it's like we have an instant bond. Jokes are funny, but sass is even more entertaining.)

But really? An entire section full of baby clothes and the only pieces I'm attracted to are striped? There are only six pieces of striped anything in my entire closet, and yet I seem to be set on creating an entire wardrobe of stripes for this baby girl.

I'm pretty sure it's a phase, so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. Here are some pieces that have caught my eye lately. Stripe-loving proof.

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  1. I don't know what you're talking about—I am NOT sassy.

  2. i love ALL OF THESE! wow how fun to dress a baby.

  3. I like sass too. It's like the funniness of sarcasm without the mean.
    And stripes are FANTASTIC!

  4. @Kaitlin, I know, right? I can't wait until I get to fix her hair and outfits!

    @Elle, yeah, I'm not a huge fan of mean. Sass just makes me laugh. And that's always fun. :)


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