lessons from my weekend.

This weekend I learned that beauty has nothing to do with appearance and that it looks different on everyone.  I learned that it is not a pie to be split amongst people, and that the size of your piece does not affect the size of mine.  I learned that beauty does not diminish beauty; it only increases it.    

I learned that your worth can never be taken from you.  It is embedded in your soul; it is eternal.  I learned that everyone has infinite potential.

And this weekend these things brought peace.  Because there are times when I feel like I'm running a race I can't win.  There are times when I feel like I'm not good enough, that I should be more like someone else.  But this weekend taught me otherwise.  And it helped.  

What helps you?


  1. I love the worth lesson. Devaluing someone is like taking their soul indeed.

  2. I often feel like I am not good enough, and it is usually because I am just focusing on all my faults. To recognize them is one thing to sit and dwell on them is another. I feel better when I one, point out the good things about myself (which is hard for us all to do and see) but then to write down the faults into goals... I may not be perfect but as long as I am trying, well that is what ultimately matters right? Like you said, we have infinite potential and we can't keep on growing if we keep making ourselves feel bad for not being there just yet.

  3. at the end of a bad day... i have to give that day up and realize whats done is done. then i go forward with faith the the next day will be better. i have to take my goals one day at a time... i have to make that day count, rather then where i'll be in 3 months. it's something i've learned about myself over the past few years...

    this is beautiful, by the way.


You are wonderful.