take hope.

This weekend, I heard a man speak about light, and how it can penetrate even the darkest of nights.  And then I read a quote that augmented that man's message, saying that while light can always diminish darkness, darkness can never extinguish light.

And it hit me what a powerful thing light is... what a powerful thing hope is.

Hope that everything will work out.  Hope that yesterday's sorrow will soon turn to joy.  Hope that weaknesses can become strengths.  Hope that you can always do better; hope in yourself and in others.

Hope is such a powerful thing.  And sometimes, it scares me.  There are times when I don't know how much hope I am allowed to have, and I hesitate to give too much of my heart to it.

Last night my husband calmed these fears by telling me that I can hope as much as I wish because those hopes won't go unrealized.

So, I'm taking hope.  I'm not putting any restrictions on the amount, either; I'll take as much as I can get.  Because you can do anything if you have hope.  If you have hope, no amount of bad moments can scratch your heart, because hope cannot be diminished by darkness.

Hope is a powerful thing and, after talking to my husband, I'm almost certain it's contagious.


  1. thank you for posting this. I have been down the past few days and hope has been hard to find... and not as contagious as I'd hoped. but I'm realizing that maybe it must be said to us in different ways at different times... thanks for a little hope and light.


  2. you inspire me. you write so real and honest. i write poetry because i feel like i can hide behind it. i can say what i feel only in comparison or shadow. i feel security in knowing the reader doesn't know exactly what i mean. but i like this, its refreshing, you have a gift.

  3. Thanks Tori! Hope is a topic that I have come to love--especially because it is infinite and eternal. Each of us can obtain "a perfect brightness of hope". Faith is the fuel of hope! It definitely is contagious.


You are wonderful.