farewell to hatch.

Today was my last day of work at the local car dealership and it reminded me of my last day of high school. Yesterday I was thrilled to have finally reached the end, to be so close to being done, and today I choked up as the salesmen told me they would miss me over the intercom.

It's funny how our hearts catch us off guard like that.


  1. oh man i totally know what you mean. even the last day of classes gets me every TIME. i am always ready to rejoice that it's over but then i get a little sad that i'll never see them again.

  2. I remember when I left my first job I shed a tear or two. Sometimes change can be bittersweet.

  3. Most of the time I love when that happens. When all the emotion you never felt fills you; in a good way. It's amazing.

    And so is your blog. You have a new follower!


  4. kait: the last day of classes get me, too. what are you going to do on your last day ever of classes?

    change can be hard, but i love it. it keeps me on my feet.

  5. how funny that you worked at hatchs. i feel like i know you just because you know snowflake.

    did you shop at ed's? the eye doctor next door is my step-dad.

    did you stop in at heritage antiques? i worked there for 3 years.

    did you ever play at pioneer park? i went there nearly everyweekend in highschool.

    there is alot more did you ever questions i have. but those will suffice.

  6. ....and

    i know exactly what blue house you live in. i grew up about a mile west and i could see if from my porch.

  7. i love that idea.
    "our heart catches us off guard like that" i really love that.


You are wonderful.