the crutches.

You might look at the title of this blog and think, Over where?  And why crutches?

I think that, too, sometimes.  And then I remember the night my husband chose the name.  It was when we were in Florida and he didn't have the title of husband yet; he was simply a boy with a cute laugh.  

It was a few days after my roommate had decided to move back home.  She'd filled her bags to bursting and had multiple carry-ons.  Everything went.  Except for her crutches; she'd left them in the living room, leaning in that corner.  

We were sitting in my apartment, leaning against the kitchen wall bordering the living room, and we were talking of names for my new blog.  We weighed a simple Tori's Blog, and found it wanting, like all the other names brought up.  I finally handed the task to Jordan.  Looking across the room at the abandoned crutches, he said, How about that pair of crutches over there?

He gave me two other options.  But I liked the first because those crutches meant something to me.  

They were that night my roommate had her going away party and Jordan stayed long after everyone else had gone; that night we made Jiffy Muffins and he smeared the batter into my hair and onto my foot.

They were that day we went spent the morning by the pool, learning the true definition of anemia; that day he jokingly questioned my intelligence and I stuttered a rebuttal.   

They were that night we sat on my couch, and I spilled my heart to him and he gladly swept up the pieces; that night he first kissed me.

Those crutches were the moments I fell in love with my husband, and they remind me of the reasons I keep falling, every day.  

And when I remember that, I don't question the name; I remember that it's perfect.  


    a. that picture is TOTALLY you. like, your face?! i miss it. and cute hair. and jacket.
    b. i'm really glad you explained your blog title.
    c. you two are still darling.

  2. This will sound stupid but... how do I follow your blog ? I can't seem to find a button ! And I sure would love to have all your updates appear on my Blogger dashboard :)

  3. Haha, that is definitely not a dumb question! Sorry, I've been making a few changes around the blog and hadn't re-added the friend connect button yet. But it's back up! So just scroll down a bit and you'll find it at the bottom of the sidebar!

  4. i totally remember taking that picture on our way to the Florida beach for the first time. and i totally remember you coming up with the title to your blog. :) miss you guys!

  5. What a fabulous post, loved reading this!

  6. Okay seriously you are so good at writing. I sure like your blog. And cuteeee picture! can't wait to see you guys!!

  7. thank you, mara and krysten!

    and joslin, i'm excited to see you, too!

  8. oh my, this is WAY too cute!

  9. i love it tori! this post is so sweet :)
    thanks for finding my blog! i'm now a follower of yours!

  10. HOW precious!! I'll be honest, I did wonder about the name at first - but that story is tear-inducing! :)


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