Pictory: This Park

When I took this picture, I imagined myself a part of it.  While attending NYU, that patch of grass between those trees would become my sanctuary; I would do my best writing there.  My fiance and I would sit on those benches and watch families pass, talking about what we would name our children.  When we finally had those children, we would bring them here for picnics. This is where my husband would teach our boys how to properly throw a football.  We would watch our children grow there.  In our old age, my husband and I would take daily walks through this park; we would come here with our grandchildren, just like we had with our children.  Over the years, we would make this park our own.


  1. what a lovely image. i love dreams like these.

  2. As do I. But I'm happy they never came to be. I'm quite fond of hand life has dealt me.

  3. i have never in my life have experienced anything that has come close to the spectacular completeness that I feel when I am in New York City. Thank you for your comment. It came at the best possible time and I made a point to thank you directly on my blog. Perfection.


You are wonderful.