Chasing the Sun

To us, the sun has become an essential ingredient in our days, like a friend we can't go more than 24 hours without seeing.  Since our three month stay in Florida, our bodies have realized their need for warmth.

When the sun vanished for two days, we made our way to the valley in search of cloudless skies.  We found them about an hour into the drive.

We also found cacti.

We went to Mesa.  We saw the temple, admired its fruit trees, and became friends with a nice man.

We went to Phoenix and took in its aesthetically pleasing buildings.

We looked at houses.

We went to an outdoor marketplace that resembled a resort in Disney World.  
While there, we ate potato pizza that was almost as delicious as that of our beloved Craigo's.

What was meant to be a day trip turned into a three day vacation.  
We spent time with family, relaxed in the hot tub, and spent the afternoon window shopping in one of America's most expensive malls.

On our way home, we enjoyed the warmth of the sun through the open sunroof.

We are becoming quite fond of this state.


  1. man it looks lovely down there! glad you're having such a fun trip!!

  2. Kait: when we grow up, let's move to Gilbert and be neighbors. We can have pools in our backyards and year-round tans. It would be great, I promise.

    And, Jordan: we are going to Craigo's the MINUTE we get back to Rexburg.


You are wonderful.