regaining my muchness

There are certain things that expand my perception of beauty.  Be it a movie, book, commercial, or photograph, I come away with an altered view of the world; I come away with a little more belief.

Such was the case with Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.  The film taught me lessons that I may have already known...
There are times when only the illogical makes sense; logic doesn't do the heart justice.
That inside part of us knows what we truly want; we simply have to conjure up the strength needed to hold on.
The things we fear often times become our greatest allies.
All the best people are bonkers; you must be to turn impossible thoughts into possibilities.
Stories like this one fill me with wonderment.  They bring back that child-like part of me that I so often misplace. They remind me that it's fine to act like an adult, just as long as I don't become a grown-up.

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