in a nutshell.

friday evening we went to see a classic movie at the school: wait until dark. it was wonderful; i love audrey hepburn.

saturday was spent at home. two crazed tricker treaters came banging on our door and we gave them fruit snacks and one piece of chocolate each. we were out of treats after that.  we kept the porch light off.

sunday we made pancakes that had an odd texture and danced in the living room. we ate jiffy muffins and filled out thank you cards. we have almost thanked everyone.

monday i started reading wicked.  i want to see the play.

on tuesdays, we get dressed up. i watched the husband straighten his black tie and told him that i had never seen him wear that one before. he laughed and said that was a funny thing to say; he had worn that tie at our wedding.

i told him that we were doing a mate selection activity in my family interactions class. he told me i didn't need to go then; i was already "mated." i now have no classes today.

we are moving to snowflake, arizona at the beginning of january. i was hoping it would be warm and sunny place, a stereotypical arizona town. but it's not. i am content with being pale.

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  1. Oh, you will love Snowflake!! Lucky you. It is a wonderful place, but yes, it is cold in the winter, but I don't think it's even close to as cold or windy as Rexburg, more like Fruitland. Just got your thank you and it is much cuter than the thank yous we gave you. Sorry. Glad you used yours instead of ours--ha, ha!!Feel free to re-gift if you still have them and are not going to use them. Or maybe you can send them to the people who give you crumby (sp?) gifts. Just kidding!! I saw "Wait Until Dark" in college--thought it was wonderful too!!
    Dayna Baldwin

    P.S. This is my 2nd comment on your blog in 1 week. Sorry!! Honest, I'm not stalking you--ha, ha!!


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