this is my husband, my family.
we love cereal and have a cupboard dedicated to breakfast food.
we have a bike named emmit and a car named quinton.
one day, we will have a son and we will name him max.
i will not make him eat frozen corn.
we have a purple vacuum with nice curves.
he's in business and i'm in social work.  we're going to change the world.
we share toothpaste and laugh at each other's tired moments.
one day, he will let me cut his hair.
one day, we will return to the place where we met.
i think he has a cute butt and i like his smile.
we do laundry together; he taught me a fancy way to fold shirts.
we eat french toast on weekend mornings.
he is becoming an expert omelet maker.
we watch old movies together and wish they still made them like they use to.
we're thinking about adopting a fish.
one day, we will live in a house with a wrap around porch.
we will fill a room with books that make us think, books that inspire us.
we will teach our children to read and pray.
they will know that we love each other.
they will know that we love them.
we will never assume that they know; we will always express it.
we will grow together in joy and love.
we will make it.

"to have joy one must share it.  happiness was born a twin."  {lord byron}


  1. Your blog is TOO CUTE!!

    So glad I found it! :)

  2. yeah tori...really?
    could your blog get any better?
    just keep posting and making me happy, okay?

  3. your list is perfect. i like where you put you will love your children and you will SHOW expressing it.

    thanks for sharing your love.
    and also for following along with my blog! eeks! that makes me happy!

  4. I am SO sad you took your music off your blog. I miss it. I used to just pull up your blog and listen to your songs while I folded clothes and stuff. PLEASE put it back on, please, oh please!!
    Ha, ha!! Do whatever you want, but just wanted you to know.
    Love your blog. You always cheer me up!! Thanks!!
    Dayna Baldwin

  5. sounds like heaven! thank you so much for finding my blog so that i could find yours. it's wonderful.

  6. um i just happened to see dayna's comment and to be honest you did have a good playlist. i would listen to it sometimes as well.
    just saying.


You are wonderful.