two months.

the husband and i met in orlando, florida.  we were both there working for disney.  it was our second day there and we were in line waiting to receive our work assignments.  he stood behind me with a tall man named shaun. they were full of sass and sarcasm and it was hard to hold a conversation with them.

when asked about our first impressions of one another, jordan says he thought i was pretty.  i say i had no idea what to think.

i heard about him before i actually met him.  he was the guy whose luggage was lost, the one who had been wearing the same outfit for the past few days.  i teased him about this; he pretended to be offended and then laughed.  i like his laugh.

on my first day of work i was assigned a locker.  it had "jordan" and a heart written on the inside with a permanent marker.  i saw this every day for three months and never gave it a second thought.  maybe God was trying to plant a seed, push me in the right direction, give me a hint.  it took me a while to get it.

he started spending a lot of time at my apartment.  we made jiffy muffins and he smeared half the batter in my hair.  we laid out by the pool and he made fun of my anemia.  we watched the space shuttle launch and i discovered how ticklish he was.  we went to downtown disney and listened to music through shared headphones.

towards the end of our stay in florida, i took a picture of the love note in my locker and sent it to jordan as a joke. he kissed me a few days later.

i was scheduled to work until 4 am on my last night in town.  jordan offered a nice alternative:  our first date. we went shopping at an outside shopping mall; i helped him pick out a puma jacket and plaid shoes.  we went to outback steakhouse and held hands for the first time.  he helped me pack my overflowing bags and drove me to the airport the next morning.  i cried, he kissed me and we met up in rexburg a week later.

we spent our nights in the library or at our spot overlooking the city.  we made tie dye shirts and ate at craigo's. some days, we accidentally wore matching outfits; people stared.  one night we decided we wanted to spend the rest of forever together.

and now we have been married for two months.  i still tickle him and he still makes fun of me for being anemic. we have tie dye materials sitting on the fireplace and we have eaten at craigo's so much that we have now banned ourselves from it for the rest of the semester.

hooray for two month anniversaries.


  1. umm thats cute. i am glad i read that.

  2. yeah this was adorable. i'm so glad you wrote that all down, i didn't really know all of those details.

  3. Happy Birthday!!

  4. Tori,
    I'm not one for the "mushy" stuff and I may be the only guy to comment on this but, nevertheless, this was good.

  5. Tori!
    A. i fogot about you blog.
    B. Your blog is ADORABLE!
    C. im at school. i have nothing to do so im reading you blog and LOVING it!

    Your SO cute! I love your blog and im glad that i remembered that you have a blog!

  6. What a charming story. Congratulations on your anniversary and here's to many more. {cheers}

  7. umm...excuse me but youi forgot to mention the part where i actually introduced you two. :) lol cute story. I was with you guys most of the time and didn't even know some of these things going on...tricky tricky. ;) nice!


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