winter is here.

i'm trying to have a positive attitude about the cold weather here in rexburg.  at least my house is warm again.  i keep reminding myself of that fact.

then, this morning, i woke up to snow.  snow is pretty.  the bitter cold now has purpose: maintenance of aesthetic appeal. plus, i like the smell of fresh snow.

there was a thick layer of white fluff on the honda when i went to take the husband to his meeting.  thankfully there was no ice underneath it.  every cloud has a silver lining.

i came home, and ran inside and away from the cold.  i took a hot shower.  a little voice inside told me this would be a hard morning.  i brushed away the negativity.  i bundled up in a winter coat and armed myself with gloves and optimism. i walked out the front door, shutting and locking it behind me.  i turned to face the cold and went right back inside.  it was too much.

it was really cold and i had to walk really far.  i pulled my hood over my head and shoved my chin down inside my coat; it would be fine.  i walked to the ricks, embracing the numbness with every step.


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