how is married life?

what is the appropriate response to this question? what do people want to hear? i feel like they are setting themselves up for what could potentially be a very awkward situation. sometimes i am tempted to give an answer that would do just that. but, i refrain. i give a simple, one word answer, occasionally expounding on the joy that comes with pell grants and having no curfew. this brings one of two responses: jealousy or boredom.

so, really, what is the right answer to this question? should i tell them what it is like to have a new last name? or how much cheese the husband and i go through in a week's time? i could list the differences between married-student wards and single-student wards or the benefits of living off gift cards.

i am at a loss here. marriage is great, and i can give numerous reasons as to why. but the question is, what reasons do they want to hear? until i figure that out, i will just stick with pell grants.


  1. haha YES.
    i really appreciate that you put this back...
    and i think it's basically hilarious.
    andddd the more i look at your blog the more i love it. i mean, can you help me? i love all of your cute side things.

  2. tricky. i think they just want to hear how you are adjusting to eachother...since living with someone that probably wasn't brought with a bit of difference to what you are use to (like how you lay the dishes in the dishwasher)...adjusting...settling in...are you in love with it all...even the challenges?


  3. i think you're right.

    and i wish we were adjusting to how the other placed dishes in the dishwasher. but, alas we don't have a dishwasher so that is one less we have to worry about. i supposed it's a blessing :)


You are wonderful.