i love spending three of my seven weekdays in the ricks building. so much, in fact, that i plan on spending the next two years there.
i love that it is home to the social work department.
i love it's cozy work tables and comfy couches suitable for studying. it is social during the day and peaceful at night. it is full of entertaining, socially adept people, set on improving the world one problem at a time.
i love atmosphere of the ricks building. everyone there has such a passion for what they are doing. they have such hope for the future and they embrace it with energy and enthusiasm. their attitudes are contagious. i can't help but be inspired.
i love the discussions that take place there. about stable families being the solution to the desperation and despair our nation is facing; about living up to your ideals, not just talking about them; about providing a man in Brazil with a $100 loan so that he can start a business selling peanut butter; about the 2 million orphans in Uganda; about how we as college students can change the world.
it's a great place to be.

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