dear cafe mckay patrons.

you know that girl that assisted you today? the one with the distraught looking ponytail that was barely holding her hair up? the one who forgot to put cheese on your sandwich? the one who misplaced your $10 bill for a minute? the one who gave you lemonade in a soup cup? [please forgive her; that wasn't her fault.] the one that put ranch/mayo instead of pesto basil on your "sky is falling"? the one who probably looked a bit flustered? the one reading 1,000 ways to simplify your life? the one who almost charged you for two muffins instead of one? the one that's in your bio 230 class with brother wray? the one that made you sign the receipt even though you don't ever have to anywhere else? [once again, not her fault.] the one who convinced you to get that blueberry scone? the one rushing from the microwave to the cash register to the sandwich bar? the one that was trying to run the cafe all by herself? yes, her. please don't judge her. she was just a little stressed there for a minute.
thank you and have a wonderful day!


  1. is that you?
    you do such things?

  2. kaitlin, i said don't judge.
    this is not a normal occurrence.
    it was really busy and i was the only one working there for a while.

  3. bahaha i just saw your comment back. i didn't mean you do such things as in all the mistakes haha. hah thats really funny. i MEANT like, that's where you work? because, who knew? i didn't.


You are wonderful.