death by bicycle.

i fear that my demise will come as a result of a careless cyclist. the byu-idaho campus is full of them; this morning i was almost maimed by three.
not only am i concerned for my own personal health, i worry about the safety of the other students here in rexburg. the unsuspecting men and women that walk these grounds on a daily basis. in hopes of prolonging the lives of myself and my fellow students [pedestrians and cyclists alike, because it seems that danger is faced both on and off the bicycle], i have come up with the following action plan.
how to attain optimal cycling safety for all involved:
1. create distinct bike lanes, away from heavily populated student areas and sidewalks neighboring small cliffs.
2. post more vibrant signs that demand the attention of cyclists as they speed by. these signs could say things such as "please go slow; don't run over my pinky toe." or perhaps some could have the phrase "biking speed is walking speed" plastered on them in a bold font. i have seen a few of those hidden around campus. no one pays them any mind. you could also create signs that warn of an upcoming precipice or a sharp turn. i'm sure the bike-bound student would appreciate the heads up.
by instituting those precautions, i estimate a 33.7 percent decline in the amount of bike related injuries on campus. [trust me on this. i'm taking statistcs this semester.]

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