sundays are great days.
going to church and feeling the spirit is wonderful.
sacrament had great speakers.
in sunday school there was a good lesson that made me think.
relief society was filled with pregnant women. that part was a little different from the other student wards i've been in.

in relief society, i was asked to fill out a "get to know you" sheet.
they asked about my likes and dislikes. the space was really small so here are the things that didn't fit.

i like my house, with its cute rugs and soft sheets.
we have a fireplace and a big bathroom.
the shower is tempermental and the door now refuses to shut all the way.
we have a lot of storage space and not a lot of space to put food.
we have cute pillows and cute wallpaper.
the walls seem to be a bit thin.

i like my classes. even biology.
a great teacher can get you excited about any subject.

i like craigos.
it is nice being back in the same town as one again.
it would be even more nice if we could eat there for free.

i like my cute husband.
i like listening to him play the guitar.
i like having dinner with him.
i like sharing a fridge with him.

i like having french toast for breakfast and olive garden left-overs for dinner.
i like sundays.

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  1. That was cute. Hope you are doing good over there. Oh and I'm glad your house smells good. I love scentsy!


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