shoulders and human biology.

today was a difficult day for my shoulders.
after the 7-week absence of even the smallest degree of pressure, they are taking their time adjusting to the weight of five books and a laptop.
five big books.

i'm taking human biology. the teacher is fantstic.
he warned us on the first day that we would become so excited about biology, that soon our roommates/spouses would get tired of us talking about it.
i've had two classes and i think jordan may already be done with biology.
it is such an "awesome" class, as brother wray would say.

did you know that 1 in every 2 males and 1 in every 3 females has or will have some form of cancer in their lifetime? that doesn't include skin cancer.
and did you know that eating large amounts of tomato based products can reduce your chances of getting cancer?
i love pasta.

also... there are only certain points on your skin that can sense hot and cold.


  1. well that's interesting.
    and how sad about the cancer.

  2. so, i think you should keep updating us with facts...


You are wonderful.