bridal shower gifts.

candy/recipe books: a little help in gaining back all the weight lost in order to fit into your dress.
lacey things: everyone at the party gets a chance to feel a bit of awkwardness.
picture frames: if i were to use all of the frames i got, every inch of my house would be covered in pictures. literally every inch.
baskets: so that you have a place to stuff items that won't fit anywhere else due to all the frames.
monogram signs: as if i don't have enough things to put on my walls... all were cute though.
towels: cleanliness is next to godliness.
candles/scentsty: my house smells really, really good.
gift cards: i will be shopping at target free of charge for the next 7.6 years.
picnic gear: we will look so cool at porter park.
sparkling cider: obviously you can't truly celebrate without it.
checks payable to mrs. bowman: simply wonderful.

you get married, and you get a lot of gifts.
the best one: eternity with my best friend.


  1. ps i love love you're new blog decorations. good one.


You are wonderful.