yes, please.

the medieval town of marostica in northern italy is located in the foothills, just a half hour's drive from vicenza and 10 minutes from bassano del grappa. surrounded by the ancient walls of its castles, marostica is best known for its square which is a giant chessboard. each september of every even numbered year, a human chess game is played in full medieval costume on the square of marostica. the festival lasts 3 days.
marostica is also known for its tasty cherries which ripen towards the end of may, and holds numerous events in the square on sundays where you can often sample locally made cold cuts and wine. this charming medieval town makes for a good day trip from vicenza and can easily be reached both by car or public transportation.

that's it. i'm planning a trip. anyone want to join me?

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  1. I want to go can i can i please please please?!?!? That would be amazing. And yes you get something but you have to post the same thing on your blog to get it. That's why it's a chain of love silly


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