what if there's always cups in the sink?

it's wonderful being home. especially when you go to church and all people talk to you about is that boy that you may or may not have something going on with. and it always seems to be the people that you aren't on juicy-secret terms with ya know? awesome.

i also don't recognize over half of the people in my ward anymore.

can i just say that thrift stores are amazing? and that they are great places to buy books? because both statements are true. seriously. thrift store books are great. yes, there are a few that are a tad bit ragged [ok maybe more than a few]. some of 'em though... wow some are just great finds! ones that have maybe been read 0.7 times. so these books are in pristine condition. and they are being sold anywhere from 25 cents to 4 bucks. i love it. not so much the $4 ones as i do the others but it's cool. it keeps my book addiction alive without taking all of my money. i mean, yes. barnes and noble is amazing. but lets face it, you can't walk out of that place with 15 books that you got for a grand total of $17. mmm hmmm. i rest my case.

walmart is not something that i am a fan of. i would not mind in the least bit if i never stepped foot in one again. ok i take it back. that might have been a little dramatic... maybe i would miss one or two things about the store. like the $5 movie bin. or the great value brown sugar poptarts. and maybe, just maybe i would miss... ok i think those two were the only things. maybe... anyway. the point is that there are entirely too many people at walmart. and a lot of those people seem to be people i know. so my trips to walmart turn out a lot like my trip to church: me being interrogated about aspects of my life that i sometimes like to keep to myself. two questions come to mind here. a] how do these people know all this crap in the first place? and b] why do they feel the need to ask such prying questions about it all? whatever. its cool. ive gotten quite a few entertaining stories out of it so i'm good.

yet another random fact about tori: i hate pills. and yay, ive been sick these past few days, so double yay, ive had to take horse pills in hopes of getting better. gross. pills suck.

ok fine. there are a few more things that i would miss about walmart: popcorn chicken, bbq chicken, and potato wedges. thanks kait for helping me realize the amazingness of all the above.

i love my grandparents. frick. they make me laugh so hard! my grandpa seems to be forgetting things these days. so he was asking why the doctors are worried about him.
grandma: they are just worried that you are going to forget where you are.
grandpa: well yes if i forget where i am then that would be bad.
gosh. another funny thing he said: "i just don't say anything on the phone and hope that she will eventually hang up. but she just keeps talking." he is such a sassy old man. and i love it.

i also love little miss mckenna hillman. she tagged along on my thrift store escapade today and that kid just says the funniest things. i had to describe an oreo to her today. and believe it or not, that isn't easy to do. she really didn't know what one was. stephanie?

ps. despite my mini rant sessions about church and walmart, i truly do love being home. the end.

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  1. ha yeah i was gonna say...walmart may have its downfalls...but there are some things we can't do without!
    hope you are feeling better.
    and have FUN at home! i can't wait till i am home.


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