cherry poptarts.

they rock and that's all there is to it.

i envy people with accents. seriously, they can talk about picking up rubbish and make it sound soo cool. in fact, their accents affect their coolness on many levels. who can pull off having business cards with their name on one side and their phone number on the other? and the only reason they have them is so that they can hand them out to girls? yes. a man with an accent can. no matter how attractive he is.

i miss quinton. i am so excited for our reunion in a week.

once upon a time, i lost my nametag at work and had to be someone else for the day. i didnt want to be a sally or jane, or a mary. i wanted to be someone with some gusto, some character. i wanted to be pearl. pearl is awesome. she's from chicago, and loves chai tea and the guitar. and she's got spunk. i love being pearl. i still haven't given the nametag back.

not only do poptarts rock, but they are also slightly flammable. a fact that both kaitlin and jordan can attest to. no, dad. i was screaming FIRE, not spider.

book bags? really? i have never referred to my backpack as a book bag. but here in florida that seems to be the common name for them. is that normal?

i just ate cereal with water. yes, i was that desperate.


  1. hahaha what do you think that reminds me of?

  2. bahaha.
    i LOVE that you commented on this when all it had was the title.
    i accidentally clicked enter, and then had to go back and write the content of the post.
    the part about the flammability of poptarts was an afterthought added just for you because mid-post i saw your comment.
    the end.


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