A Peak At Aubryn's Room

Up until a month and a half ago, we lived in a one bedroom house. Which meant for the first 16 months of her life, Aubryn shared a room with her parents. Which meant no floral art on the walls, shelves dedicated to bins of toys and board books, or turning on the lights after 9 pm.

There was a collective sigh of relief when she was able to move into her own room. Followed by a few nights of choking back tears while I sat there listening to the white noise coming from the baby monitor. We're (I'm) good now, it's fine.

Since we haven't moved into our final place here, we haven't really started to decorate, just organize. I wanted to snap a few photos of the room though, since it's the first room she's had on her own. And I wanted to remember what it really looked like: blocks scattered across the table, hair accessories piled on the dresser. I'm slowly learning that you have to just let things go when you have a toddler. The perfectly organized blocks won't last longer than seven seconds, might as well just leave them where they are.

So here you have it: Aubryn's room, semi-unstyled.

And in case you're wondering about any of these pieces, here are the sources: Olliblock from Caravan Shoppes, bow clips from H&M, DIY coral bow, ice cream cone bubbles from the Dollar Store, Melissa & Doug stacking blocks.


  1. Good on you for sharing a one bedroom for so long! I have a hard enough time living in a one bedroom and it's just my husband and I! (need a studio need a studio....)

  2. Aw, such a cute little space. I can't wait to see a photo tour of your whole house once you're moved in!


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